Peter JOHNSON Records at Frankfort, Indiana Public Libarary

Name   Record Type   Year   Look under
  Johnson, Peter    Civil    12/7/1880    Johnson, Peter — Box  301AA, File  3 
  Johnson, Peter    Civil    01/20/1892    Bell, James M. — Box  898AA, File  1 
  Johnson, Peter    Guardianship    10/7/1897    Johnson, William — Box  1035AA, File  0 
    Surety on guardian bond for Henry Johnson; William Johnson, dec’d 
  Johnson, Peter    Guardianship    06/8/1898    Johnson, William — Box  26B, File  0 
    Bought real est. 
  Johnson, Peter S.   Guardianship    10/12/1878    Johnson, Martha — Box  462AA, File  11 
    Father of Charles, Franklin, & Edward Johnson 
  Johnson, Peter S.   Probate    01/17/1883    Shaff, Samuel — Box  433AA, File  5 
    Partition; Guardian of James E., Andrew T., and Charles L. Johnson 
  Johnson, Peter S.   Civil    05/29/1883    Johnson, Peter — Box  468AA, File  10 
  Johnson, Peter S.   Civil    01/30/1888    Johnson, Peter — Box  724AA, File  3 
  Johnson, Peter S.   Civil    06/4/1888    Johnson, Peter — Box  758AA, File  15 
    #10146; adm. of est. of William Johnson, dec’d 
  Johnson, Peter S.   Probate    08/12/1889    Shaff, John — Box  133B, File  2 
    Exec. of the est. of John Shaff, dec’d; guardian of Charles L. Johnson 

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